Top 3 Tips for Safe, Healthy Summer Travel

It’s officially summer! For months, we’ve looked forward to vacations, trips to the beach, and camping adventures. Yet, due to COVID-19, this year feels a bit different. Many of us wonder: how can we still enjoy travel this season while protecting ourselves and our community? 

Businesses and cities across the country have reopened. Many put social distancing measures in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. Still, it’s good practice to take your own precautions to help keep yourself and the people around you safe. 

Have fun and stay healthy with these top three travel tips:


  • Plan Ahead


If you’re traveling by car, reduce your risk for exposure by planning ahead. Map out your route in advance to avoid any unnecessary stops. Make sure lodging is secured before you leave—you don’t want to get to a city that has not reopened properly without anywhere to stay.

Avoid store runs as much as possible by stocking up on essentials: water, non-perishable foods, medicine, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting supplies. Always travel with a mask if you have one.


  • Keep Your Hands to Yourself


Try not to touch any frequently handled surfaces – like doorknobs, light switches, sinks, faucets, and toilets – as much as possible. These carry a greater risk of contamination. If your trip involves a hotel stay, disinfect these surfaces as often as you can. When at a restaurant, wash your hands before and after eating, and sanitize them after touching any surface. 

Disinfect in common areas, like pools and gyms, whenever you can. Whether you’re staying in an economy hotel or luxury resort, your risks are the same. Anyone can be asymptomatic and unknowingly contaminate these high-traffic areas. 


  • Take it Slow and Stay Safe


As much as we all want to hit the road and make up for months of lockdown living, take it slow. Sure, it’s certainly exciting to finally have the ability to go out and do all the things we’ve missed. But taking on too much can wear our bodies down and compromise our immune systems. Listen to your body and get plenty of rest.

And, while you’re having fun, don’t get too comfortable and forget to stay safe. Always practice good hygiene and social distancing. Wash your hands frequently, wear masks when appropriate, and try to stay at least six feet apart when possible. Above all, never travel if you or anyone in your family is sick. 

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