Immunity Master

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  • Strengthens immune system
  • Supports the body‚Äôs natural ability to filter out toxins
  • Helps fight bacteria & viruses¬†
An all-natural blend designed to support a healthy immune system, fight off infections, eliminate unwanted toxins, control fatigue and boost overall mood.

Vitamin C has so many benefits and countless studies have shown its ability to ward off viruses, shorten the duration of colds/flus, mop up free radicals and boost immunity as an antioxidant. It is great in supporting a healthy immune system. 

Zinc is a trace mineral that is imperative to immunity and wound healing. Studies have shown that in human cell cultures, proteins lure zinc into key cells that are first-responders against infection. Zinc can then help to fight infection and viruses  and balance the immune system. Zinc can also so down the inflammation process.

Lysine is an essential amino acid that our body can not make. It works by strengthening the immune system by adjusting the body’s chemistry so that it is less friendly to invading organisms

Probiotic Proprietary Blend We took billions of the lactobacillus strains and included it in our formulation because probiotics are so important in regulating immunity, since most of our immune cells reside in our guts. Probiotics can help to create symbiosis, which is when there is more good bacteria in our gut than bad. 

Echinacea - is a flower with a long history in ancient medicine. Studies have shown that it can increase the number of  white blood cells, or solider cells. This helps our bodies  fight infection and boost the immune system. It also contains alkylamides that support the inflammatory response in our sinuses. 

Chaga Mushrooms contain a plethora of antioxidants and research has shown that it can rev up immunity or balance it out if the immune system is overactive. It contains specialized proteins that regulate the immune system, stimulate white blood cells, reduces long term inflammation,and fights bacteria and viruses.

Sclerotium has been used for centuries as a natural antiviral and antibiotic. 


Immunity Master is a wild crafted and organic herbal supplement designed for daily use or to be used during acute illnesses. When you’re feeling sick, be sure to double up on the dose. We live in such a toxic world today and so many of us suffer from lowered immunity, making us susceptible to unwanted pathogens and infections.

A wildcrafted and organic proprietary blend using amla flower, liposomal vitamin C, echinacea, and the chaga mushroom as well as lactobacillus probiotic and zinc. These herbs have been selected for their ability to increase the immune boosting tools of the body and to encourage proper elimination of unwanted pathogens.

Designed for both men and women. Immunity Master can be used by anyone who is predisposed to infections, has lowered immunity, is fighting a pathogenic infection, or those who want preventative maintenance during cold and flu months.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Jaime F.
United States United States

Great booster

I take this whenever I’m going to be around more people than just a few and/or if I travel somewhere as a booster, as well as if I’m feeling a little under the weather. Love this product!

Nupeutics Health Immunity Master Review
Lyndsey P.
United States United States

Immunity Master

This is a great product, it definitely lives up to its name. My energy levels have improved, including my complexion and immune system.

Richard K.
United States United States

Love it.

Very good experience. I feel better overall and more confident in my immune system as a result of taking Immunity Master.

United States United States


Started IM a year ago after doing research on what supplements could aid in the prevention of Covid infection. Happy to report that I have remained Covid free since the outbreak which is a big deal, considering I am a nurse in a heavily populated metropolitan city. I highly recommend this product, and thank my daughter for turning me on to the product.

sonia m.
United States United States

Immunity Master

I been taking them for 3 years. I take them all year long & once flu season comes along my body is prepared to help fight of any flu like symptoms fast. Normally I would get really sick for 2 weeks straight, but ever since I started taking them I don't really get sick & if I do I only get slightly sick for upto 3 days. Very satisfied with these immunity pills.

Nupeutics Health Immunity Master Review
Kitty S.
United States United States

Game changer!

I have used this for over two years and only been sick onc...and the duration was very short. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to stay ahead of viral infections, especially Influenza.

sonia m.
United States United States

Immunity Master

I've been taking them for the past 3 years during warm days & double up during the colder days, every day. I have only came down with a slight cold once in the 3 years. It doesn't prevent anything, but I believe it helps with any flu like symptoms to be minor & not long lasting. I highly recommend this.

Lisa B.
United States United States

Boost your system

I feel so good taking Immunity Master. It helps prevent me with colds etc and if I get sick it is so short and very mild. Powerful stuff to boost your immune system especially dealing with covid!

Kitty S.
United States United States

Best supplement I've ever taken

Started taking this 2 years ago after a bad round of Influenza A. I started feeling better within 3 days and have only been sick once since then with intestinal flu and that only lasted 36 hours. I will never go without Immunity Master. I take it year round.

Linda S.
United States United States


Love it lots! Have not been sick all year. With everything going on, it is pretty awesome!

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